Stay smart.

IoT for hotels and guests.

How it works

Book an hotel.

Choose a noytrall accommodation and reduce the impact of your stay. Go sustainable on your next trip and save money.

Plan your travel. Go.
Enjoy your stay. Spend less. Pay less.

Keep track of your metrics in real-time and save money.

Know precisely what you are consuming and compare it to real-life examples. Go sustainable as you save money and resources.

Earn while enjoying your stay.

Your experience will be more fun and immersive as you gain access to products and experiences from our community partners.

Keep track of your metrics in real time or access them in your phone.

Key features

Stay monitoring and ecological footprint rating

You will be able to monitor your consumption in real-time. The water and energy you spend and the biomass and waste you produce so you can adjust your routines as you see fit and save you money.

Improvement tips and suggestions

Through data analysis you will be given tips and suggestions to upgrade your ecological performance and minimize your stay impact and save money.

Rewards and community

You earn points by managing sustainability level. As you level up you can make use of our community partners around the world to trade those points with their products, services and experiences.

Frequently asked questions.

You ask. We answer.

  • Can I start using it as of now?

    We're launching the App in a couple of weeks. Then you can start using it on any noytrall-enabled hotels and accommodations.

  • Do I continue to use my normal booking channels?

    Yes. The booking is done through your preferred booking platform as you would usually do.

  • Will I pay less for my stays?

    Our goal is to implement a pay-for-your-consumption model. Right now, the gamification system is the reward system you will benefit from.

  • How will I get rewarded for being sustainable ?

    For being sustainable you will get noytrall points. The more sustainable you are, the more points you get. You also get more points by using the noytrall app, progressing through levels and fulfilling challenges. These points can then be used to redeem rewards with our community.

  • Will I save the planet ?

    By staying in a noytrall smart room, you will know how much water and energy you are consuming during your stay and the carbon footprint of your impact. The less you consume, the less CO2 you emit. And the planet thanks you.

You can find more helpful topics on Guests support in our help and support page.

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Available on the following

  • 41%

    of travellers

    can't find sustainable travel options

  • 73%

    of travellers

    would choose hotels with sustainability options implemented

  • 61%

    of travellers

    state that the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably in the future