Reduce hotel costs.

Accurate measure room water and energy consumption.


Measure room water and energy consumption.

Precise, remote and automated monitoring.

Monitor water and energy consumption 24/7, whether the room is free or occupied. See what is happening in real-time and operate on cloud-based IoT-connected room data.

Precise, remote and automated monitoring.
Improve hotel operation efficiency.

Improve hotel operation efficiency.

Ensure effective resource management.

Build personalized reusable reports within any time frame. Reduce water and energy consumption and lower operating costs.


Interact on guests consumption behavior.

Establish strong and durable relationships.

Interact with guests based on their behavior and award them for being sustainable. Challenge your guests and create group events to boost engagement.

Gamify guests' impact.
Revolutionize guests' sustainable experience.

Enhance guests' sustainable experience.

Access an ever-growing sustainable community.

Build trust and loyalty with guests that identify with your vision. Access a vast community of sustainable business offers and grant your guests a truly sustainable experience from our partners.


Achieve sustainability goals.

Match sustainability labels certifications. Reduce your footprint.

We help you accomplish environmental criteria results. Assess stays impact as you reduce carbon emissions.

Achieve sustainability goals.
Preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance.

Evaluate asset performance to prevent future damages.

Preventive maintenance is designed to help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to assess when maintenance should be performed. This approach promises cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance.

The sustainability platform to reduce hotel water and energy costs.

Smart rooms IoT solution

noytrall smart room solution for hotels is an IoT system to monitor rooms' water and energy consumption with SaaS access to a cloud-based management platform.

Improve cost-effectiveness

noytrall provides real-time water and energy consumption monitoring and a real-time web-based interaction channel with guests, ensuring lower operating costs and increased profitability.

Powerful data analytics

noytrall supplies business intelligence, collecting and accessing all room water and energy data, generating reports and allowing to act upon meaningful information.

In-house installation

Install each room in less than 60 minutes using your maintenance staff without holding service. You can still have the assistance of our installation booklet, video tutorials, technical support team or even online live learning sessions.

On-site supervision

Request our technical support team and we will provide fully comprehensive installation assistance on-site.

Fully automated

After installation, the room is now a smart room and fully automated, operating without any hotel staff involvement.

PMS integration

Manage your stays and allow your guests to monitor their consumptions by having your smart rooms integrated with your PMS.

At your own pace

Deploy noytrall smart room technology to any number of rooms, from small hotels to large hotel groups. Decide how many rooms you will start with.

Lifetime warranty

During the subscription period, noytrall offers lifetime warranty for all monitoring devices. In addiction, all the software structural updates are also fully included and covered.

Fast return on investment

noytrall smart room technology pays itself in 9 to 12 months, or less. The more rooms are converted the less time you take .

Performance Success Assistance

From onboarding, noytrall will assign you a Performance Success Specialist to assess and assist you in optimizing your business performance, ensuring you use the system features thoroughly and achieve the best result.

Technical support

noytrall's technical team is always available assuring your system is always up and running smoothly.

Human-centered technology

Connecting hospitality and sustainability is not only about technology but mainly about the human side of things. Alongside our partners, noytrall is pushing forward into a new way of tourism, bringing forth alternatives to ever-growing conscious guests with increasing demand for action.

Control your costs. Save money.

Compare the performance you can achieve with noytrall technologies.

Frequently asked questions.

You ask. We answer.

  • I have a local accommodation. Can I install noytrall?

    Yes you can. noytrall-enabled smart rooms are for all. Be it a big hotel or small apartment. Even a trailer or a boat. You name it.

  • I want to use it at my students' residence units. Is it suitable?

    Yes it is. You can measure the residence's room consumption without having any surprises at the end of the month. Students can also control their water and energy usage.

  • Do I have to manage my reservations manually?

    You don't have to. We can integrate with your PMS and automate the process so you don't waste any time. In case you don't have a PMS our platform enables you to do it.

  • Will I have my own dashboard?

    Yes you will. We provide you with a powerful analytics dashboard from where you can view all your custom data, generate seamless reports and take full control of your property water and energy consumption.

  • How much does it cost?

    For us to make a financial estimate we must know the number of rooms you pretend to install noytrall into. You can either book a demo and have our sales team contact you for an online meeting, or you can contact us directly by email to

  • How much will I save?

    The amount you will save is variable. It depends on some factors like your water and energy consumption information or your average occupancy. We believe you can save 2€ per person, per room, per night, but this number can go higher. That's why we built asavings calculatorfor you to have some clues about the potential final figure. See it now.

You can find more helpful topics on Accommodations support in our help and support page.

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